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  1. Bristol Org Meeting - Creating Videos
  2. Internal Controls & Fraud
  3. Charity Auctions Pros & Cons
  4. Engage Your Board in Fundraising
  5. Ethical Acts for Donors
  6. Why Aren't They Talking
  7. Board/CEO Conflict


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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.






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Creating and Editing Video using your Cell Phone

This month’s Bristol Organizations meeting will be Wednesday, January 24th, at the Euclid Ave. Food City location from 11:30 to 1 PM. We hope to cover the following material:
  • Assuming organizations did not want to spend any money (or small amounts) I would like to actually demonstrate how to do the video with a smart phone.
  • Show the minimum amount of equipment needed to do a decent job... in house.
  • Discuss the software needed (probably the free software cuz of $$$)
  • Actually show them how to do a video (simple type)
  • Show them the various programs to use (downloadable or web based)
  • Actually load and edit a video while they watch. I was also thinking about showing them how to shorten existing videos with software.
  • And any other suggestions you might have for a D-I-Y video or testimonial of patients/clients.
Please RSVP to Gary McGeough at email:

Top Ten Internal Controls to Prevent And Detect Fraud!


A recent “KPMG Fraud Survey” found that organizations are reporting more experiences of fraud than in prior years and that three out of four organizations have uncovered fraud. The NYS Office of Mental Health's Bureau of Audit has provided the following list of internal controls to assist you in preventing and detecting fraud at your agency.

To read more on this issue............. Click Here


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Specialized  Organnization/Board Workshops

by Abra Annes


In the realm of event-based fundraising for nonprofits, there are a lot of ways to raise funds. At the invitation of Stephen Nill, CEO at CharityChannel, I’ve been invited to talk honestly about the pros and cons of charity auctions.


As a professional charity auctioneer for six years, how could I resist such an invitation? In my view, when they’re done right, there’s no better way to engage donors in just one night than a fundraising auction. My goal is to share what I have learned while also setting aside, at least for the “con” part, my natural predisposition in favor of this form of event fundraising. So, with that disclosure, let me dive in! ....Click Here 


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Your Best Marketing Plan Ever

by Deanna Ackerman


Development professionals and nonprofit executives often struggle with how to really engage their board members in fundraising. Unless you started your nonprofit, you most likely “inherited” your board members. If you’re a development director you rarely, if ever, even have the opportunity to select your board members. You end up with the volunteers who are passionate about your cause but who struggle when it comes to fundraising.


Indeed, board members are expected to know all about fundraising. Unless they’ve served on multiple boards, odds are they haven’t been exposed to much fundraising. To read more.... Click Here.


By Tanya Fitzgerald


For many fundraising professionals, the “people give to people, not organizations” concept is the foundation of their careers. Creating an impactful mission to strengthen the community isn’t the only influential piece of a fundraising plan. Respecting your donors and treating them as unique individuals assist in your success. Donors have rights, and these rights play a key role in your daily thoughts, actions and activities. To read more in this topic......... Click Here.


Why Aren’t They Talking to Each Other at Board Meetings?

by Amy Wishnick

Nonprofit chief executives and their board members do not simply wake up one morning with the following revelations: 1) The demographics of the area they serve have changed; 2) Funding for a signature program is at risk; or 3) High staff turnover is a dangerous threat to service delivery.


Yet, nonprofit leaders confront these realities often. When I read a story or hear about a nonprofit in extremis, I wonder if the leadership has been asleep at the wheel. Did no one see the signs? Why did they not point these things out to each other? What were they (or were they not) talking about at board meetings? To read more in this topic............ Click Here


He Said, She Said: Top Sources of Board-CEO Conflict

by Suzanne Smith


In my experience, one of the most persistent challenges facing nonprofits is board-CEO alignment.Whether rooted in personality conflicts or communication breakdowns, problems arising between nonprofit boards and CEOs are all too common. The board-CEO relationship and its effect on the productivity of the board is critical to the success of an organization. An effective board is a dynamic, fluid group that brings new ideas to further a cause they are passionate about. It creates a multiplier effect for any nonprofit that helps it soar to new heights. To read more.......... Click Here



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