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Welcome to the Policy and Procedure section of the Bristol Organizations web site. Please review the list of documents/manuals and, to gain access to each, simply click on the title of the document. 

These documents are complete however they will need careful review for appropriatness in your operations, completeness, and modified to suite the language necessary for your organization, operations, approval levels and legal consistancy.

List of Sample Policies, Procedures & Manuals

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Sample Accident Investigation Report

Sample Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual

Sample Adult Waiver of Liability Form

Sample Annual Report Checklist (PDF) 

Sample Applicant Information Release Form

Sample Applicant Rejection/Acknowledgement Letter 

Sample Audit Bid Letter

Sample Audit Opinion for Business Entity

Sample Authority to Enter into Procurement Agreements

Sample Audit Opinion Letter

Sample Audit Compilation Letter

Sample Audit Review Opinion Letter

Sample Blog and Personal Web Page Guidelines

Sample Blogging Policy

Sample Bloodborne Paththogens Policy 

Sample Board/Staff Agreement for Financial Accountability

Sample Board of Directors Matrix

Bring Your Own Device Policy ((BYOD)

Sample Business Continuity Planning for Non Profits

Sample By-Laws for a Non Profit

Sample Policy on AIDS

Sample Compensable Work Sheet

Sample Compensation Policy

Sample Computer Use Policy/Agreement

Sample Conflict of Interest - Procurement Policy

Sample Confilct of Interest Concerns

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy

Sample Corporate Sponsorship Term Sheet 

Sample Crisis Communications Plan

Sample Discipline Documentation Form

Sample Document Retention Policy

Sample Donor Bill of Rights

Sample Driving Record Check

Sample Drug Testing Policy and Procedure

Sample Drug Testing Concent form

Sample Effective Job Performance Feedback

Sample Educational Record Check

Sample Effective Job Performance Feedback Outline

Sample Emergency Seccession Plan

Sample Employee Absence Policy

Sample Employee coaching Script

Sample Employee Discipline Aids

Sample Employee Feedback Script

Sample Employee Time Sheet

Sample Employee Manual

Sample Employment Agreement

Sample Employment Ending Checklist

Sample Employment Reference Check

Sample Employment Reference Phone Script

Sample Employment Safety Agreement

Sample Evaluating Your Executive Director Procedure

Sample eWorkplace HR Policy

Sample Family & Medical Leave Policy

Sample Financial Management Guide for Non Profits (PDF)

Sample Financial Policy

Sample Fiscal Policies and Procedures Template

Sample Financial Procedures Manual

Sample Fund Development Plan

Sample Fund Development Policy

Sample Fundraising Appeals Speech

Sample General Work Rules

Sample Gift Acceptance Policy

Sample Grooming, Piercing & Tattoo Policy

Sample Harassment Policy

Sample Hazard Communications Plan

Sample Hourly Employee Attendance Policy

Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

Sample Internal Audit Policy

Sample Internet and Email Policy

Sample IRS 990 Disclosure Requirements Policies

Sample Job Analysis Checklist

Sample Job Candidate Evaluation Form

Sample Job Offer Letter Format

Sample Minor Waiver of Liability Form

Sample Newsletter Back Page

Sample Newsletter Front Page

Sample Non Profit Board Policies

Sample Non Profit By-Laws

Sample Non Profit Procurement Policy

Sample Non Profit Marketing Plan

Sample General Work Rules

Sample Letter Request for Corporate Gift

Sample Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Sample Organization Chart

Sample Organizational Systems Checklist

Sample Password Policy

Sample Policy on Taking Public Policy Stands

Sample Progressive Employee Dicipline Policies

Sample Records Retention Policy

Sample Risk Mgmt. Checklist for Boards

Sample Risk Management Policy

Sample Sexual Harrassment Policy

Sample Sexual Harassment Statement

Sample Slip and Fall Checklist

Sample Smoke Free Workplace

Sample Social Media Policy

Sample Strategic Plan Template

Sample Telecommuting and Flex Work Agreement

Sample Telephone Reference Check Form

Sample Temporary Help Screening Worksheet

Sample for Developing Guidelines for Corporate Sponsors

Sample Termination Meeting Checklist

Sample Transportation Policy

Sample Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Policy

Sample Violence Prevention Policy

Sample Volunteer Policy

Sample Volunteer Bill of Rights

Sample Volunteer Tracking Form PDF

Sample Vote by Email Policy

Sample Waiver Packet of Forms

Sample Whistleblower Policy

Sample Whistleblower Policy – alternative

Sample Work Injury Forms TN/VA Workers Comp. PDF

Sample Workplace Safety Rules

Sample Workers Compensation Claims Checklist

Sample Templates for Non Profits

Sample Employee Manual – SCORE as example

Sample Purchasing Forms (MS Excel)

Sample Proforma Profit and Loss (Estimated) (MS Excel)

Sample Fundraising Schedule (MS Excel)

Sample Strategic Plan Weakness Schedule (MS Excel)

Sample Strategic Plan Threat Schedule (MS Excel)