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By Marjorie Jones -


Hiring individuals who are living with disabilities can greatly benefit your company, as it widens the pool of talent significantly while allowing your company to expand diversity and create an atmosphere of inclusion. It’s important to understand how to attract potential hires who are differently-abled since your business needs to have a few crucial things in place in order to be both welcoming and accessible. You’ll need to take a look at your daily operations, your business website, the tools your employees use, and the overall company culture to determine which changes need to be made; here are a few tips to help you get started.


Take care of some legal details

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to take a look at some housekeeping tasks that might require your attention. Go over the legalities of your business, including your structure and EIN, to make sure your business is fully compliant with the state. These details are required for tax purposes and for offering your employees retirement plans, so it’s important not to hire any new recruits until everything is in place. You’ll also want to make sure you understand the different classifications that apply to freelancers, full-time employees, and contractors, as the wrong classification on tax forms can lead to trouble for you down the road.


Offer education incentives

One of the easiest ways to attract–and keep–the best talent for your business is to offer an incentive or two, such as a gas stipend for employees who have to travel. These days, many employers are leaning toward incentives that benefit both parties, such as financial assistance with continuing education. There are many online programs available now that make it easy to earn a degree while still working and taking care of other responsibilities, and individuals who are living with disabilities often find these remote classes much easier to fit into their routines than in-person classes. While you don’t have to make it a requirement that they sign up for a program that’s related to your business, doing so will allow you to benefit from their acquired skill set. Take a look at this information on pursuing a business degree.


Create a recruiting document

Once you have all the legal details taken care of and have created a few incentives to draw in the best talent, consider creating a recruiting document that highlights exactly why individuals who are living with disabilities should come work for your business. This is a great way to inform potential employees about your incentives, the inclusive culture your business is building, and the tools you can offer that will help them be the best they can be at their jobs. Create your document as a PDF so you can use an online editing tool, then download the finished file and share it on your website and social media pages.


Work with organizations

Attracting workers who are differently-abled is one part of the process; you also have to take steps to keep them. Showing employees who are disabled that your company truly cares about their needs is crucial, and one way to accomplish this is by working with and supporting various organizations, such as those that help parents with children who are differently-abled, special education programs, and disability rights groups. You can also take steps to ensure that your employees have access to HR tools, healthcare services, and adaptive tools that will make their work as comfortable and accessible as possible.


Attracting workers who are living with a disability is a wonderful way to grow your business. By utilizing online tools to create and edit essential documents, ensuring that your business is fully compliant, and offering education incentives, you can bring on the best talent for your needs and keep your business moving in the right direction.

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