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White Papers and Reference Documentation

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Over the course of several years, Bristol Organizations has been developing, gathering, researching and providing reference material to our Non Profit sector for their use in support of community wide operations. These materials cover nearly every subject, topic and/or aspect of Non Profit management, fundraising, finance and operations. All of these materials are available for immediate download and ready to be modified for use by any organization.  Naturally, for legal reasons, it is incumbent upon the user to insure that all policies are appropriate for use by the individual organization or agency. 

Our Library will consist of 3 different Document Categories:


  • Policies and Procedures: This category contains over 150 critical individual policies and procedures consisting of from one page/policy to multiple page Accounting, Financial and/or Employee manuals. To Access this Category ..... .Click Here

  • How-To and Reference Documents: contains a mixture of all types of information material on subjects like Brochures, Fundraising, Strategic Planning, SWOT Analysis, Marketing, Board Matrix, Free Software and Audit Services. To Access this Category ..... .Click Here

  • Guides, White Papers and Plans: provides a mixture of individual studies, planning documents, Guides for various activities, Checklists and Toolkits. To Access this Category ..... .Click Here


                  There are Three documents We would call out specifically....

                    1  Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order

   2. Roberts Rules Guide

   3. Guide to How To Write Board/Committee Meeting Minutes

                   4. For All Volunteer Organizations..  "All Hands On Board"

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Click the Icon below to view/download a listing of workshops specifically tailored to your specific organization/board.

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